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Convert Your Old VHS Tapes to DVD

Decades old video tapes have faithfully captured our favorite memories, but they are now quickly degrading. If you have video tapes stored in your attic, garage, under the bed, storage unit, etc., it is only a matter of time before those tapes will be useless. Tapes are fragile and are guaranteed to be destroyed over time by heat and humidity. Timely transfer to DVD or digital video cloud by ProMedia is your best option for keeping those memories safe. Using state-of-the-art technology, our experts carefully preserve your family memories on clear digital formats that can be used indefinitely for generations to come.

ProMedia is experienced with converting all formats of video tapes. Unsure of what types you have? Below is a listing that can help. But don’t worry, ProMedia has you covered…we can do it all!



The ever-popular Video Home System (VHS) tape survived over three decades after being originally introduced in the 1970s. VHS and it’s compact sibling, VHS-C outlasted both Video2000 and Betamax. Though production of VCRs creased in 2016, Envision makes it easy to transfer video into digital.



To compete with VHS and Betamax, the Video8 camera was launched in 1985 and it supported 8mm videocassettes. Video8 was later succeeded by Hi8 in 1989 and Digital8 in 1999. All 8mm tapes are no larger than 2.5 inches tall x 4 inches wide. Envision’s advanced digitizing services now brings back to life your Hi8 or Digital8 memories.



Betamax made its way west in the late 1970s, where it waged war with VHS in the great format war. Beta tapes are slightly smaller in length compared to VHS, measuring 6 inches wide by roughly 4 inches tall. Envision’s digital video converter make Beta transfer as easy as VHS.

Betacam SP/SX

Betacam SP/SX

Betacam SP was first introduced in 1986 and was discontinued in 2001. Betacam SP came in two sizes; the S-size which recorded up to 30 mins and the L-size cassette that went up to 90 mins. As a cheaper digital alternative, the Betacam SX was introduced in 1996, but discontinued in 2007. All of the equipment was compatible with Betacam SP, even the different cassettes sizes. With Envision digitizing services, discontinued doesn’t mean lost. Transfer your Betacam video to a DVD.


Mini DV

First introduced in 1995, MiniDV or S-size tapes were the smallest of four digital video cassette sizes. The 120-minute capacity tapes allowed camcorder manufacturers to produce smaller video cameras. From the smallest to the largest video format, the advanced digitizing services from Envision can transfer your video to thumb-drive or DVD.


Mini DVD

MiniDVDs were popular during the turn of the century due to their small (8cm diameter) size and ability to fit directly inside a camcorder. MiniDVDs were used as alternatives to MiniDV tapes. If this was your format, we’re ready to transfer your minis video to digital.


Umatic 3/4″

Umatic ¾ was first introduced to the market in 1971. It contains the ¾-inch wide videotape inside the cassette, which turn in opposite directions during playback, fast forward and rewind. Servicing more the professional market than the consumer, Envision’s advanced digitizing services are ready to preserve your most important Umatic content.


Helical Scan EIAJ 1/2″

Helical Scan EIAJ ½” was introduced as the first industry-wide standard video format in 1961. Most tapes are 7-5 inches in diameter with a ½-inch width and can record 30-60 minute video footage. Helical Scan EIAJ ½” was discontinued in 1970. An early victim to advanced technology, doesn’t mean your EIAJ content is lost. Envision has a digital video converter ready for the task.


DV Cam

First introduced in 1996, DVCAM was similar to MiniDV but 50% faster. DVCams use a tape that’s ¼-inch wide. There are two different tape sizes; the smaller one which can hold up to 40 minutes and the large size that can hold up to 184 minutes. Even content produced by one of the most advanced video formata now needs converting. Our digitizing transfer services gets it done, quick and easy.

Now is the time to preserve your memories

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