Document Scanning

Document Scanning

Documents Scanning & Document Digitization

ProMedia will create digital, searchable versions of your documents for backup, archiving, sharing and distribution.

Document Digitization

Let Us Digitally Capture Your Family Archives

Important documents such as certificates, licenses, historical records, etc. can be lost in a move or to natural disasters, leaving you with a headache and the daunting task of re-establishing proof of existence. Worse yet, loss of precious artifacts like your child’s artwork, scrapbooks, awards, genealogical records, or hand-written letters from your ancestors could leave you heartbroken with no hope for recovery – lost forever.

Let ProMedia digitize these irreplaceable treasures; proofing them from permanent loss or disasters. These digital backup versions will allow you to easily search for specific items, as well as share them with family members when needed. ProMedia is experienced with handling fragile pieces that have begun to physically deteriorate, and we will always fully respect and protect your privacy as with any project entrusted to us.

Now is the time to preserve your memories

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