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We are professionals working with every client to make their vision come true.

Our Team

Top-quality video services set ProMedia apart, but we are more than that. Arthur Bradshaw started this humble business in his home back in 2010. Today, our team operates collaboratively in a family-like atmosphere out of a newly constructed studio in the heart of north Suffolk, VA. We believe in hard work, being fair, contributing to the community, and top-notch customer service.

ProMedia’s growth is a testament to the passion and dedication that each team member has invested in our client’s projects. ProMedia has quickly become a local favorite in and around the Hampton Roads area. Still, we possess the charm and personable atmosphere upon which we were founded.

Arthur Bradshaw – ProMedia Owner

Brenda Bradshaw – The Gopher & The Janitor

Binxley Bradshaw – Head of Security & Mascot

Blythe Dohey – Lead Audio/Video Technician, Editor, Social Media

Luke Rockswold – Editing Consultant & Technician

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