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Arthur Bradshaw, ProMedia Owner

ProMedia Owner

Arthur Bradshaw – ProMedia Owner

Arthur graduated from Coker College where his creative talents and attention to detail were cultivated. As a Suffolk native, Arthur has a deep appreciation for the rich heritage and wonderful people in this area. He knew Hampton Roads would be the perfect setting for this local, small business devoted to preserving memories. Using state of the art film and video production equipment, ProMedia handles duplication projects, film/video conversions, full video productions, and more. ProMedia strives to create a rewarding experience for you and delivers exciting, personalized results to meet all your needs. Whether you are a consumer looking to preserve cherished memories, or a corporate client aiming to achieve an edge through a professionally produced visual presentation, we’ve got you covered!

Brenda Bradshaw, The Gopher & The Janitor

The Gopher & The Janitor

Brenda Bradshaw

She earned her MS is dental hygiene from Old Dominion University and works full-time as a dental hygienist in Franklin. To keep things interesting, she works with ProMedia on her days off. Brenda lends a helping hand to the company and feeds Binxley. On days off, she enjoys yoga, hiking, and bossing Arthur around.

Binxley Bradshaw, Head of Security & Mascot

Head of Security & Mascot

Binxley Bradshaw

Trained by Doggy Xcursions, Binxley is a staple of ProMedia. This company mascot lets customers know they have arrived at the right place! Once inside, she’s your best friend! On days off, she enjoys hiking the Noland Trail in Newport News.

Blythe Dohey, Lead Audio/Video Technician, Editor, Social Media

Lead Audio/Video Technician, Editor, Social Media

Blythe Dohey

Receiving her Bachelor’s degree in Film and Video Studies from George Mason University, Blythe handles it all here at ProMedia. She will (most likely) know more about your family than you by the time your order is finished.

When not time-traveling, she likes to go on outdoor adventures, as long as it does not include the beach.

Digital Video Archive

Editing Consultant & Technician

Luke Rockswold

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