Quality video editing
I cant thank you enough for the quality video editing that you were able to complete in such a short time over the holiday season. I received outstanding and friendly customer service beyond my expectation. I will most certainly seek and recommend Mr. Bradshaws video services in the future. Another 100% satisfied customer.
Extremely Helpful!
I highly recommend using this service. Mr. Bradshaw was extremely helpful, allowing me to first borrow a projector to view ancient 8mm reels and check the content. He then explained the process and broke down the costs for the project, and was later accommodating and understanding when I had to change my order. The finished product exceeded expectations and now 60 year old memories are preserved and will be shared through future generations. Mr. Bradshaw is an honest and friendly professional that I look forward to going to again.
Converting approximately 300 old slides
I am so thankful I found Mr. Bradshaw! He preserved memories by converting approximately 300 old slides (around 50 yrs old) to a digital copy and also corrected/enhanced the picture. I can now share memories with loved ones. I also returned to have old VCR tapes converted to a DVD. I highly recommend Arthur! He takes great care in handling the originals, his attention to detail provides an exceptional product and his customer service is excellent!
Oh My Gosh!!
I can't thank you enough. My siblings and I was in the process of giving my mother an 80th Birthday party when all of her grandchildren came up with idea of making a grandchildren video. They wanted to include the last video of my deceased daughter Roben in it. She was very special to my mother. The video was made in 1994 on a VHS tape. I knew I had to convert it to a disk, but didn't want the tape to be out of my possession. I did some research with the help of the internet looking for places that are local. Other places including Wal-Mart wanted me to leave the tape and they would send it off. I couldn't do it. My biggest fear was the tape getting damage, which would have been devastating for me. I saw Home Video Studio and notice the outstanding awards they have received and it was locally run and operated. I called and left a message. Surprisingly Arthur Bradshaw immediately called me back. I was surprised because it was a Saturday outside of the office hours. I explained to him why I called and what I wanted. He told me to come right over and he would take care of it that day. WOW!!! To say God works in mysteries ways is an understatement. It was truly a blessing!!! My husband and I stayed right there while he did the conversion. My nephew wanted me to send the DVD via Dropbox. Not being computer savvy, Mr. Bradshaw knew exactly what he was talking about and volunteer to send it to him for me. GOD IS SO GOOD!! I would definitely recommend Home Video Studio to others. Thank You Mr. Bradshaw, You made my day and my Mother's too!!
Preserve your most memorable moments!
I would highly recommend Mr. Bradshaw to preserve your most memorable moments!! I had all the 8mm family home movies my father took of us from the 60's and 70’s transferred to DVD. Mr. Bradshaw was friendly, helpful and explained how the process worked and what my end product would be. I was more than satisfied with the results! My father passed in 2000, so these home movies meant everything to me, my mom, and brothers. I was able to have a complete set made for each family member, and I gave them out when we were all together for Mother’s Day. We watched the DVDs as a family, and it was a Mother’s Day we’ll never forget! Thank you Mr. Bradshaw for so beautifully preserving our family memories and for the care you took with our old 8mm tapes.
Outstanding job transferring my wedding VHS tape to DVD
"Because ProMedia did such an outstanding job transferring my wedding VHS tape to DVD, I am now a repeat customer. They provide QUALITY service for a QUALITY product at a QUALITY price..... In a word QUALITY is what they do! Timely, efficiently and professionally."
Technology is a spectacular thing
"Technology is a spectacular thing that most people have invested in over the years; some more heavily than others ($$$) - some more successfully than others. Because most people want to save and share their memories, photos, videos, and experiences with their friends and families, we continue to invest in technologies that support our ability to share. Sometimes, organizations want to save and share similar context and content for future activities and efforts; but, let’s face it, technology is expensive! They offer an opportunity to keep your memories, photos, videos, and experiences without those costly, continual technology investments. We had numerous VHS tapes that contained significant medical related training and information that we needed retained in a format that we could use. Not having the internal capability to view, transfer, copy, or other duplicate these VHS tapes to a DVD/CD presented a problem - I was presented a timely, cost efficient solution to our dilemma! I recommend talking to the experts at Pro Medi if you happen to be in a similar situation!"
"Awesome! I wanted to help my pastor. Arthur took care of everything, from producing awesome video to getting the finished film to the pastor in a format he could use to upload to his class. There was never a doubt that it would be an awesome video and, or course, it was even beyond my imagination. Merely knowing Arthur was doing it was a blessing. I am disabled and very thankful that I did not need to get involved. Arthur handled everything, including getting the file to my pastor in a format he could use. I not only am pleased and would recommend his services, but will be looking for other events I can use Arthur to produce for me."
Pleased from start to finish!
"I was nothing but pleased from start to finish with Mr. Bradshaw and the service that he provided. He took the time and explained the entire process to me. I had over 6,500 feet of 8mm to convert. He finished the process well before he said he would. The end product was worth every penny spent. I liked that he was local and I could leave my home movies with him verses sending them off to get converted. I strongly recommend him to anyone looking to get old movies converted."
Outstanding job on preserving photos via DVD
"Arthur Bradshaw does an outstanding job on preserving photos via DVD, as well as creating videos from photos with soundtrack. The videos that he has created for us have made me laugh out loud and tear up, depending on the occasion. He is professional, and works expeditiously to meet deadlines. He is flexible and provides outstanding customer service even when making last minute changes. I would use his services again and I highly recommend him to anyone!!!"
Arthur - a real professional
"I recommend Arthur as a real professional in the Video Service industry. And beyond the quality of his work, Arthur can be trusted to give you a great value and deliver on time. He is serious when he says your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If you're in need of any services where video is concerned, be it editing, production, or even something as simple as video transfers or duplications, Arthur will give it the same attention and put his personal stamp of guaranteeing your satisfaction with it. Efficient, talented, great communicator and friendly. Arthur is an credit to his profession!"
VCR basically ruined my home video from childhood
"When the VCR basically ruined my home video from childhood I was afraid I'd never find a place that dealt with this technology anymore. I found Home Video Studio, to my surprise, on here and couldn't be happier that I did! Within a few days my tape was repaired and even had a couple copies transferred onto DVD's. Being military, I even received a 15% discount! It's not often do you find that substantial of a military discount. The service was outstanding! Arthur was friendly and inviting from the start, making me feel welcome. When I got home to try out the DVD, it played perfectly, and was even amazed to see the video quality was slightly improved. There isn't a negative thing I can say about the company, environment or service provided at Home Video Studio. I recommend this place to anyone needing any video services!"
Thank you Arthur!! You rock!
"I had several tapes converted from VHS to DVD about three days before Christmas. Arthur originally told me that he thought he may not have them done in time due to the Christmas rush, understandably, but he surprised me and called with a turn-around time of two-days. The look on my Nana's face was priceless when she knew that our family memories had been preserved for the future. Thank you Arthur!! You rock!"
Julie Hess from Williamsburg
Just wanted to thank Home Video Studio for transferring our family videos! This was a gift for my parents 43rd anniversary and they loved them. All our memories from years past now easily accessible on DVD format is a treasure. Thanks for a job well done...
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