Photo Video Keepsakes

Video Keepsake

Photo / Video Keepsakes

ProMedia will create a photo / video keepsake from your photos, slides, or digital pictures.

Photo Video Keepsakes

No matter the occasion, photo vide keepsake are some of the most powerful and emotional products we create.
Photo-video keepsakes are a simple way to bring to life your family’s precious memories. Whether it is for an upcoming graduation, wedding, anniversary, special birthday, or memorial tribute, we’ll edit your photos to music and create a customized keepsake on DVD, Blu-Ray, or digital file. These videos make priceless gifts for family members and are a fantastic and creative way to preserve and share your family’s legacy for generations to come.

Bring your photos and music ideas to us and we’ll do the rest. The combination of photos and music together makes a very emotional finished product.  You can be assured that this photo-video keepsake will be a favorite.

Start by gathering the photos you’d like to use along with any music ideas you might have.

The exact sequence of the photos is up to you, although we suggest chronological as the most popular order. Start with early photos and work your way forward to the present day. You may have some groups of photos that will work better in their own little chronological sequences such as by child or grandchild, vacations over the years, houses or places you’ve lived, career or business photos, etc. You can even accent these grouped photos by using special music themes and titles. When the your project is complete, ProMedia will call you to view the keepsake via internet so that you can proof it and have us make any needed changes.

Now is the time to preserve your memories

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