Green Screen

Green Screen Video Production

Consistent Background!

Need a consistent background that can be creatively changed?

You may be interested in our Green Screen. Through the use of a green screen, we can add your logo or special scenery in the background for an added professional touch. Often used for interviews or testimonials, we can edit the background to fit your needs. ProMedia offers large green screen services in studio, allowing for wide-shot videos, which includes full coverage of the walls and the floor. We also have a compact travel green screen perfect for on-site sit down interviews

Using Green Screen Background

Have An Immediate Need, Don’t Hesitate to Call!

It is a good idea to call us at least a week or two ahead of time so we can schedule you in; however, if you have an immediate need, don’t hesitate to call us! We may still be able to work your project in.

We pledge to you…

  • To make video editing a fun, exciting, and painless experience for you and your project!
  • To always use the best in professional computer and video equipment and materials.
  • To make securing video editing services a hassle free experience.

Now is the time to preserve your memories

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