Video Editing

Video Editing Services

At ProMedia Video Services, Video editing is our specialty.

No project is too simple or too complex.

We use only the best professional computer and video equipment. We want to make video editing a fun and painless experience for you.

Video Editing, Green Screen, Movie / Documentary Production

Once we have completed shooting your video, it’s time to edit the raw footage and add the finishing touches.

We offer a wide range of editing services. Our fully equipped studio houses experts in digital technology and the best professional editing software. Whether you’d like to add a music track, commentary, on-screen text, or any other post-production additions, we can provide those services to you. Whether you have a simple or complex need, our goal is to make your video editing a fun and painless experience for you.

Our award-winning staff looks forward to each project as an opportunity to produce a video that exceeds your expectations. Stop by and share your vision with us. Together we can craft the perfect solution to help you get the most out of your video footage.

Now is the time to preserve your memories

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